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From: mike loggerman
Subject: Finding a Twink - 7NOTE: This is a work of fiction and is not based on anyone, living or dead
nor on real events. The story is the product of the imagination of the
I was working at home, and about 9:30 in the morning, there was a knock at
my door. It was Neil. He said he cut school and was horny, and was hoping
I could help him out. I let him in and took him to the bedroom. He took
off his shirt and pants, then his briefs, and lay down on the bed. He
hadn't showered since he left last night, so I got to enjoy his musky
smell. He spread his legs wide for me, and I lay between them and started
sucking his hairy balls one at a time. I had him pull his legs up on his
chest and hold them, while I licked the hairy place between his balls and
ass. He moaned as he lay there, letting me enjoy his sweaty crotch. His
cock grew to its full eight inches and was leaking precum. I parted his
cheeks and started licking his pink hole, while I slid my tongue in and out
of it. I had him put his legs down and I got on top of him and lowered
myself onto his hard cock. He moaned loudly as more and more of his cock
disappeared in my ass, until I could feel his pubes brushing against my
smooth cheeks. I started moving up and down his thick cock bbs darkcollections
and told him how
much I loved his cock inside me. He thrust up into my ass with his cock,
and grabbed my cock and bbs small asian teen started stroking me. He started jerking and I knew
he was going to cum, and I sat down on his pubes while I moved back and
forth on his cock. He lost control and shot his load inside me. I could
feel him throbbing in me as he shot his load, then I got off him and lay
beside him. He got on top of me and tongue kissed me, telling me how much
he loved fucking me. He grabbed my cock and stroked me hard and fast until
I lost it, and shot my load on my cock and his hand. He licked it off and
said he liked it.I lay beside him and licked his hairy pits. He purred with pleasure as I
devoured him. I had him lay on his stomach and I felt his hairy ass crack
and licked it from his hole to his back. We moved into a 69 position and
sucked each other's cocks until we both cummed and swallowed. He got behind
me and lay with his cock against my ass as we lay on our sides. He said he
could fuck me all day. He free bbs ru
positioned his cock against my hole as i lifted
my leg to give him better access. He slid his cock back inside me and
slowly fucked me while he wrapped his arms around me. It really felt
incredible. He kept thrusting slowly into me, and we enjoyed a long slow
fuck. As he slowly moved in and out of me he said how hot it was yesterday
to see Ralphie fuck me too. I told him I loved feeling both of them fucking
me and sharing my ass. He asked if I liked being fucked by more than one
guy, and I said I did, but I also enjoyed a private time with him. He kept
thrusting slowly in me and said if I wanted, he had a friend who I might
like to fuck me. I told him I don't want too many kids coming by, because I
don't want any trouble. He said the guy fotos best piks bbs wouldn't say anything. I started
squeezing my ass around his cock and he thrust harder in me. He lovely teen bbs said the
guy is 16, and has a big uncut cock with dark red pubes. I asked how big
and he said its bigger than his. He told me they had been sucking each
other for the last year. I asked how he knew the guy would want to 3d bbs lolly
do it
with me, and he said when he went home last night, he told him he fucked an
older guy and how hot it was, and he was saying how he wished he could fuck
me too. I thought it would be hot, but I was hesitant. Neil said it would
be so hot to see that big cock moving in and out of me. He grabbed me
tightly and thrust deeply inside me over and over, and I felt him pumping
his thick hot cum inside me. We lay there for a while, enjoying the feel of
our bodies against each other, and I told him he could bring his friend, but
that had to be it. No one else. He agreed, and said he would bring him
tomorrow. He fingered my ass and took his cum dripping main bbs naked
out teens forum bbs of me and jerked
me off with his cum.I made us some lunch and we kicked back and relaxed. About 3pm, Ralphie
came to the door. When he saw Neil sitting bbs small asian teen there naked, he was upset that
Neil started without him. I undressed him quickly and started sucking his
cock while Neil played with his tits and fingered his ass. It didn't take
long for Ralphie to shoot his first load in my mouth. When he finished, he
got between my legs and started sucking my cock. I was getting close and
told him, and he fingered my ass, and I shot my load in his mouth and
watched him swallow.Neil told Ralphie to fuck me. Ralphie straddled my head and let me suck on
his balls 3d bbs lolly as they hung down from his hard cock. Ralphie got off me and
moved around to my crotch. He spread my legs and pressed his cock against
my hole until he slid inside me. There bbs 12 was something very sensual about
watching Ralphie fuck me. Neil stood next to Ralphie and stroked his cock
as Ralphie's cock slid in and out of me. Neil started fingering Ralphie's
ass as Ralphie fucked me, and it sent him over the edge and he shot his load
inside illegal xxx bbs me. When he pulled out of me, Neil slid his hard cock back into me
and blew his load as well. They sucked each other clean. Neil said he had to get home, put on his clothes, and left. That gave me
some private time with Ralphie. I had him spread his legs, giving me access
to his hairy crotch on an otherwise smooth body. I spent a long time
sucking his balls and licking his hairy area between his balls and ass. I
moved to his hole and licked and tongue fucked him for a long time as he
purred in delight.
He said he thought I wouldn't be interested in him anymore. I told him he
was very sexy, and he can always fuck me. Since he was so wet and slippery,
I slid my middle finger in his hole and slowly moved it in and out, rolling
it over his prostate. I slid a second finger inside him and he went nuts.
His cock was rigid and dripping mass amounts of precum. I clamped my mouth
over his cock, and he shot a large thick load of cum in my mouth. I kissed
him and shared his load with him. When he got his breath back, he asked me
if that's what being fucked feels like. I said almost, but being fucked
feels better. Since he was a teen without needing much down time, I asked
him to fuck me again. He had me get on all fours and he fucked me from
behind. He liked stroking my cock as he fucked me doggie style. He shot
inside me and collapsed on the bed. We lay intertwined with each other for
a long time.As we lay there, I licked and sucked Ralphie's smooth tits and licked his
hairy pits. I gently caressed his stomach roll and he asked me to finger his
ass again. I gently slid a finger in and moved it in and out against his
prostate. I slid a second finger inside him and stretched him out a bit.
Judging from the amount of precum he was leaking, he was really enjoying
himself. I scooped up some of his precum and lubed bbs asian girls my fingers with it and
was sliding three fingers in and out of him. I started licking the precum
off his cock as I kept fingering his magik bbs kds ass. He looked at me and asked me to
fuck him. I asked if he was sure, and he said that he wanted me to be the
first guy to cum inside him. I scooped up his precum and lubed my cock
with it. I gently lo elwebbs pressed my cock head against his puckered hole, and told
him to push out. As he did, I slid my cock inside him. fotos best piks bbs
I held it there
until he got used to it. I asked if he was sure, and he said he was. I
started to slowly move in and out of him. he purred as I moved in and out
along his prostate. He stroked his cock as I tenderly gently fucked him. I
told him I was getting close to cumming and asked him if he wanted me to
pull out. He said no.. he wanted my cum to fill him. I started thrusting
harder and faster into him. I felt his tight ass close in around my cock,
and I exploded inside him. I pulled out of him and he dutifully sucked my
cock clean. I asked if he was satisfied, and he said it felt better than he
thought it would, and he never bbs small asian teen felt so close to someone as he felt to me
when I was inside him. We held each other for a long time, enjoying the
high intimacy we shared with each other. He cuddled with me and I asked him
to fuck me again. He fucked me lovingly and tenderly. We showered, and he
went home.

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